There are many ways to stay safe upon Craigslist, but it really is especially vital that you use sound judgment when dealing with strangers. You should never provide any personal information to an unidentified individual. In addition , make sure you meet in a well-lit, heavily trafficked place. Never satisfy in the home of somebody you attained on Your local craigslist ads, and if you must meet in a public place, do so within a busy parking lot.

If you plan to get something right from a unfamiliar person on Craigslist ads, make sure you meet in a general public place. Especially if you're selecting something expensive, make sure you satisfy within a restaurant or other consumer place. May give out your credit card info to a unfamiliar person on the Net, even if you don't know them well. If you don't have the funds offered, consider employing PayPal. This payment approach has 0 % credit check requirements, and you can pay through your PayPal account.

Placing a comment your contact number on Craigslist ads is risky because it invites scammers usually and identification theft. Use a Google Voice number rather. This will allow one to accept telephone calls click and texts via a different quantity. Also, use an email address that protects the identity. Craigslist ads offers proksy email that can be used for your correspondence. If you are uncertain of a person's identity, you must move on to another post. You need to stay professional when buying or selling about Craigslist. Do expect to socialize.